Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is a time of equal day and night when we look forward to the longer days ahead. At this time of the year we can see nature awakening, catkins on the trees and spring flowers poking their heads through the soil.

But this week in the UK we have had snow and lots of it too. There are very deep drifts in some areas and many people do not have any power. In the south of the UK there are floods and landslips.

What kind of message is Mother Nature giving us? It is usually a time to continue to clear out unwanted items and to get ourselves in balance with Mother Earth. I am doing the clearing out still but finding it hard to stay in balance. How are you feeling and what does the current weather say to you? I have plants to put in the garden but not yet as the ground is frozen and under several inches of snow. What have you had to put on hold?

The photo this week is of my garden yesterday. Today there is even more snow.


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