Being thankful, caring and sharing

Another busy week has gone by and at a seemingly rapid speed. On Monday I was lucky to be taken out to visit some woodland about half an hours drive away. It was bitterly cold but the sun was shining. It is a long time since I have been able to walk through such woodland but I managed this with the help of two walking poles and a friend. There were lots of pauses to listen and watch and to take photos. The cold weather has made the signs of spring stand still and nothing new had appeared apart from the catkins.

But I was so thankful that my friend had taken the time in a busy life to take me out to the woodland. I felt energised not tired when I got back home. As a druid I often think about the things we take for granted and what I can do about it. Watching Comic Relief and seeing films of those less fortunate made me even more thankful for what I have. I have a roof over my head, food and clothes and just enough money to live at a reasonable level. I don’t have a car or a fancy mobile phone but I do not need them. I can use the bus when I need to go further than the village. I am thankful that my village has a shop, a post office, a newsagent and a small supermarket as well as various eating places. I am very lucky!

If I was younger I feel that I would be more involved in helping others especially those who are much less fortunate. It does not take very much money to improve the life of others.  How do you help others? Do you send money via charities or recycle items which can raise money for those less fortunate?

This week the photo is of the woodland I visited, Swithland Wood.


1 thought on “Being thankful, caring and sharing

  1. When i worked full time I started a direct debit to Cancer Research and still do. But I do question if it pays for advertising?

    I have joined a FB healing circle and send healing and spend a little time each day meditating on this.

    I have been drawn to help animals and children. We rescued to dogs last year and visited a children’s project in Delhi.

    I keep being drawn back to Nepal though. Last night over a meal with friends two of us said we want to visit projects out there. We both know of two.

    Me and my husband felt so strongly about adopting a girl from India after what we’ve seen but The Hague Convention has closed this possibility for now.

    We started a fundraising arm to our business and now give our stock to local fundraisers to sell and make a profit on a sale or return basis.

    My big dreams are to adopt or foster a child in need, open an animal (including humans) sanctuary, a safe place to reconnect with ourselves, nature and start a community organic food growing scheme.

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