Mysteries in nature

Recently I have noticed several things happening around my trees. Last week I wrote about the icicles on the leaves. But why were the leaves still on the trees during the winter? Normally the trees are very bare but this year there seemed to be rather a lot of leaves still hanging on the branches although they were brown and crisp.

This week I took a closer look at the birch tree on the spare land behind my garden. There are signs of new growth but also there were last years fruiting catkins still on the tree. Is this normal I ask myself.

Have you noticed anything like this on the trees near you? Have any of you seen this kind of thing before? I find it fascinating that this kind of thing happens and wonder why. Does our current climate make this happen? One week it is bitterly cold and snowing, the next week it is sunny and mild. Nature must get confused sometimes. Do our actions make the climate change in this way or is it just part of the cycle of life? Please comment on this if you can either on FB or on the blog itself. Here is a photo of the birch I mentioned earlier.


1 thought on “Mysteries in nature

  1. I think it depends mostly on the species of tree. I’ve read in a tree field guide that some trees still have dead leaves on them through the winter and spring, but not all species do this. I’m not sure about birch; I’ve only just started the field guide!


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