Snow and more snow

It has been a cold week with lots of snow and ice. Although I am confined to the house as I can’t walk on ice very well and don’t want to fall over as I can’t then get up again, I have seen some magical sights during the week. One morning all the spiders webs were covered in ice and they were absolutely beautiful. Another morning, when the sun rose, the trees turned a pink colour and they were beautiful too. Nature never ceases to amaze me.

The snow brings to my mind other concerns. Flights are cancelled and trains but why do we travel so much? Why do we have to go so far for social gatherings and meetings?  How did people move around before trains and planes? What effect does all the travelling have on our planet? If we were not so reliant on gas and oil maybe the recent events in Algeria would not have happened. There is lots of food for thought here. How large is your carbon footprint? And how can you reduce its size? As a druid I try to use public transport and don’t go very far as I don’t need to. If I could walk like I did several years ago, then I would walk most of the time. Ecological awareness is a good thing to have.

Now enjoy the morning sun on the bare trees.

sun on trees

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