Winter ramblings

First of all I must ask you, if you will,  to send prayers and healing to all those affected by the recent tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in the USA. This event will affect many people all over the world because the children were so young. Yet there are many other tragedies every day which do not make the news. We need to have more compassion in our world and help for those who are in need so that our world becomes a better place.

But this is the time of the year when we have some wonderful sunny days with sharp frosts and clear skies. It is a time when we can reflect on our lives and see how we can change. This time of the year especially when many people spend far too much money believing that expensive gifts are essential. And also spend too much money on food that is never eaten. Is this what our world should be like when food is thrown away by some yet others go hungry? How have we managed to get to this kind of state? How can we change it? What are your ideas and thoughts on this?

januaryEnjoy my winter photo taken by my son some years ago.




1 thought on “Winter ramblings

  1. Well, I certainly eat far too much food at this time of year. However, I’ve not spent a penny on Christmas presents, for friends or family. I try to give throughout the year, mostly by giving my time helping out, or listening to someone who wants to talk or giving advice where I can. People think I’m a Scrooge though for not going out and getting wasted and getting involved with presents.
    How to change society? I could probably write an essay. But in short, I’d probably have all celebrities locked up indefinitely… or shot, as this seems to be where the greed culture stems from.

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