Pocket Parks

When I lived in Kettering, Northamptonshire, I was a Tree Warden and had a lot to do with checking trees for disease and organising tree walks and also checking pocket parks. Northamptonshire has Pocket Parks all over the county and there are several in the town of Kettering. This is taken from their web site –

‘The idea of Pocket Parks originated in Northamptonshire. They are natural areas of countryside which are owned, looked after and cherished by the local community for peaceful enjoyment, the protection of wildlife and to provide access for all.’

I don’t know how many other counties in the UK do this but it is a wonderful idea. Many small pieces of derelict or unused ground can be made into pocket parks. Near the local stream is a small fenced area with an opening where gates used to be. According to local residents this is privately owned but it would make a wonderful pocket park. There is a large apple tree in one corner and various other shrubs but it is very overgrown.

Pocket parks are something we can all think about and try to find land which can be used. Just think how wonderful it would be to sit there and enjoy the wildlife throughout the year. Check out suitable places in your area and write to the council with your suggestions. They may listen or they may not but if you don’t try then nothing will change.

Here is the apple tree.

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