Autumn Equinox

The equinox is the time of equal night and day, equal dark and light. It is the time of the final harvest, the hedgerow fruits, nuts and berries. It is also the time when we give thanks for the Spring and Summer times when we were able to sow and reap not only foods but other things like our creativity and knowledge. We can look back at what we have achieved over the last 6 months and give thanks for this. But it is also the time when we start to look inwards to the darker days and longer nights, when we can rest more to let our new knowledge be assimilated. It is then a time to replenish our energy and look at our spiritual needs.

But it is now when we can admire and wonder at the colours that nature provides, the wonderful reds, oranges and browns of the leaves, the silver webs of the spiders as the frost highlights them. I love this time of the year with the crisp mornings and the colours but for many it heralds a time when they fear the winter because of the cold and the weather. The elderly especially are unable to get out and about and need friends to help them achieve their daily needs. This is where community comes in, something we seem to have lost but hopefully as we become more aware of how our world should really be, then problems such as these will no longer be there. Enjoy this time of year but also think of others and help where you can.

The photo today was taken in the US several years ago. The birch tree outlined against the autumn colours, having already lost its leaves.

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