This week I have been watching the Tour of Britain cycle race on the TV. I love the views from the helicopter looking out over the landscape. Thursday’s stage was in what I call my home area, beautiful moorlands, rocky outcrops, hills and dales and water. This landscape calls to me strongly and it is hard to describe my feelings as I view it from afar. The memories of cycling, walking and driving in that area abound as do the feelings of oneness with it all.

There are other areas which call to me as well, the mountains of Snowdonia, the Lakeland fells, the sea especially when it is rough and full of energy. But all of our land is wonderful, even the cities with their small areas of parkland. What is it about the landscape that calls to me? How do you feel about it and what types of landscape call to you the most? All land is sacred and even though I am only viewing from afar I can still feel that connection to it and feel its sacredness. The feeling of being One with the earth is very strong. Tell me how you feel about your landscape.

This week I am adding a sketch I made in 1973 of one of the rocky outcrops known as Hen Cloud.

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