Groves of trees

I have been a member of the Woodland Trust for quite some time now. When I have had a bit of spare money I have dedicated trees or sponsored trees to be planted. I started by dedicating one tree, then later I sponsored the planting of a small grove of 20 trees. I have also helped the Trust to purchase land for woodland.

I have not been able to visit my grove of 20 trees for some years now so I asked my friend Simon who lives near the grove, to visit and take some photos. This he did and his photos are splendid. The trees have grown somewhat over the last 8 or 9 years and it gives me great pleasure to see them like this, even if only on a photo. We cannot live without trees and it is sad that so many are being cut down to make way for buildings, mining and other things. The Woodland Trust is cheap to join and a few pounds each month keep it going, planting trees for our enjoyment and for our continued life on this planet. I consider my money well spent!  Walking amongst trees can be a very meditative experience, bringing peace and healing to those who walk there.

Enjoy the two following photos.

1 thought on “Groves of trees

  1. Hello, spotted your lovely post about the Woodland and the Woodland Trust. Wondered whether The Woodland Trust could share your post viaTwitter? If so do you have a Twitter name so we can credit you? Otherwise please let us know what you would like us to call you. Thank you for promoting our work!

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