A definite feel of Autumn in the air. Chilly mornings, darker mornings and darker earlier in the evenings. A slight touch of frost the other morning. I love this kind of day when nature can be seen at what I feel is its best, the colours of the leaves as they change each day, the clusters of berries ripening on the trees and hedgerows, and the dewy sight of spiders webs.

Summer is officially over and it is time now to look at what we have already harvested in our lives and what is left to harvest. It is a time of gratitude for all we have received whatever this is, friendship, food, healing, creativity and many other things I am sure you can think of. We are moving towards the Equinox when day and night are equal and we need to take time to look at what we have achieved too reflecting on this and seeing what we need to change in the future.

This weeks photo was taken some years ago in a small park in the town of Leicester just as the leaves were starting to change colour.


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