A wonderful companion

This has been a week of sadness. My son’s cat eventually succumbed to a tumour on his jaw. Duprè was an amazing cat. Unlike his brother Arthur, he saw off the feral cats in France, hunted well but was always very affectionate. He was 12 years old when he became ill and after losing teeth unnecessarily, it was discovered that he had a tumour on his jaw. After a short time of fighting this, he sadly left us on Thursday 16th. Our pets are very special to us and they often teach us our lessons in life. Knowing when to let them go is hard but they always seem to find a way to tell you that it is their time to go. Like humans they have a Rainbow Bridge to cross to their spirit land where they can be restored to good health. Many of them stay around as our Spirit Guides and help us on our way in the rest of our lives. Duprè is one of these and I am sure my son will feel his spirit around him when he is needed.

1 thought on “A wonderful companion

  1. On that same day, here in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, I said good-bye to Zinnia — a wise feline who had brought me safe through the years to this place of joy and peace. I’m thinking Dupre and Zinnia probably had a wee conversation on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, chuckling about how a connection would later be made earth-time. As you mention, letting them go can be very difficult, while also being a gift. She frolics now in one of my groves. Thank you, Gladys. Blessing be upon you, and the peace of the groves.

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