Walks in nature

It has been a busy week, the finishing stage of the Tour de France and very good news for British riders and now the Olympics. But in between I managed to get out in the countryside. We have a country park less than 2 miles away so I charged up the battery on my mobility scooter so I could go there with my friend Simon who walks while I ride!

It was a lovely morning, still cool but the sun was starting to appear. It was so good to get out there and despite a few hiccups on the path we managed to get all the way around the park stopping for a cup of tea at the park cafe. Many others were out too, lots of dog walkers (it is popular for these) but it was so good to see the water, the ducks, the trees and wild flowers. I love to breathe in the energy from all of nature and this was a good way to do it.

In the afternoon, I was able to go on a tree walk organised by the Town Estate in the town park. This was a gentle stroll which I could manage, again with water and some beautiful trees including some sequoias. I really felt I had been blessed and my energy levels were raised high after such a time outside in nature. Here is a photo from the country park.

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