Turbulent weather

This week has been an amazing week for unusual weather. On Thursday there was what has been called a superstorm with hailstones as big as golf balls and flash floods in unexpected places. Travel was brought to a halt as landslides carried away the railway lines and schools were flooded bringing a halt to education for several days.

Cars were damaged by the hailstones and gardens trashed. The power was put out in several places including supermarkets and there was even a small tornado.

In the US, wild fires rage destroying property and woodland and fleeing animals have to find new homes.

What is all this telling us? It seems to me as if there are lots of small wake-up calls going on here. It is only when tragedy strikes that people start to see life in a different way and look at how they live their lives. Our world has become greedy and very materialistic and we need to change our ways of living. If you have had damage from these storms, look at your life and see what you need to change. Nature is more powerful than any huge banking consortium! This weeks photo is of a river in North Wales, not in full flood, but showing its power nonetheless.

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