Reflecting and perceiving

This week has been very busy. I had a session of physiotherapy at the hospital and also started 1-2-1 yoga session each morning in a huge effort to get my leg muscles working properly again. The yoga brings in reflection while working with the breath.

But yesterday I attended the opening of a friends log cabin where various therapists will be working. My friend and I practised our scrying skills on unwary visitors. This too brought in lots of reflection. Most of the images and the accompanying messages related to looking at things in a different way, changing perception of what things really are and also looking at the wider view. This can lead to changes in the way you live and how you work, usually for the better.

I have a photograph for you this week of reflections in the water of a river. If you look at these reflections you can see that they are not the same as what they reflect and other images can be seen. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed things about yourself that you don’t normally see? Are you seeing what you want to see or are you seeing what seems to be there?

Food for thought here I think. Your comments are welcome.

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