An eventful week

It has been a busy week with lots of things happening. This is due to the amount of energy flying around after two eclipses and the Venus transit. I have been looking at moving house, yet again, I hear you say, but my environment is not ideal and I need trees around me or nearby for my spirit to flourish.

But this week I managed to walk in the park, feel the energy of the trees and listen to the rippling water of the river. These kind of things make such a lot of difference to how I feel and are important parts of my life. I am looking forward to moving to live near the park some time in the future.

I have also been clearing out items, clothing, bedding and furniture which I do not really need. This is therapeutic too and gives me a sense of release as well. It also makes space for other energies to come in as well. This week’s tree is a photo of an alder taken over 10 years ago in a field in Derbyshire. I wonder what you will make of it!

2 thoughts on “An eventful week

  1. Wow – what an amazing picture! It is very beautiful. The decaying tree surrounded by all that lush greenery speaks of rebirth and transition, to me at least. Thanks so much for sharing it. Brightest Blessings

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