Spring Equinox

Alban Eilir, the Spring Equinox is nearly here. It is the time of equal day and night but a time of looking forward to longer days. Everything in nature is awakening at this time. The sun is gaining strength and the days grow longer and warmer. Catkins and blossom can be seen on the trees as well as buds while spring flowers show themselves and lambs appear in the fields.

It is time to reach out for what we want for ourselves and the world; time to begin new ventures, journey and make plans. It is time also to work towards balance in ourselves which will bring healing and change into our lives. We can look forward with joy to the months still to come and celebrate this time.

The symbolic plant for Alban Eilir is the trefoil or shamrock. This plant is worn on St. Patricks day which is on the 17th March, very near to the Equinox. The three leaves of the shamrock symbolise the Trinity but also the Triple Goddess; Artemis, Triple Moon Goddess of the Greeks. She fed her hinds on trefoil. Oestre, the Goddess of Light is also associated with this festival as she brings fertility in the Spring.

Things you can do at this time include planting seeds, decorating eggs, meditating with trees, plan for the coming months and let go of things you no longer need.


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