More about sacred places

How do we define sacred spaces? To me many ordinary places can be called sacred because they are special to me. All of our Earth is sacred and we should treat it with care.

I have spent some time this morning scanning photos taken over the years for my new book. I have found some photos of ancient trees, some where the roots have grown above ground and some photos of woodland streams. There is something very special about both trees and woodland streams but today the stream wins. I love to sit by or on rocks in streams and rivers. My cares flow away with the running water and I feel refreshed quite quickly. Below is a photo of one of the many special places for me, the river at Betws y Coed where I have spent many happy hours.

2 thoughts on “More about sacred places

  1. Hi Gladys – thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. I agree that all places are sacred and when I quiet myself I can slip into that mode of feeling the energy of a place and sensing its sacredness, whether out in nature or in the midst of a bustling city. Yet some places seem to exude a different kind of energy and I wonder if it’s to do with how the parts of the landscape interact (colors, shapes, flora and fauna etc). This has been one of my continuing fascinations as I continue to go more deeply into Druidry/Earth-based spirituality. Just some random thoughts on a Sunday morning 🙂 I’ll be writing about one of these places in Ghana in my next blog entry….

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