Sacred space

So how do I see sacred space? Sacred space to me is anywhere that I can feel the connection between myself and Mother Earth, anywhere that I can feel the connection between myself and the Universe. So everything is sacred space! But some places are more special to me than others. Many people who are Druids feel that Stonehenge is the place to be and it is very special to them. My feelings about Stonehenge are ambiguous and heretic according to some. I can stand there and admire those who built this circle of stones, feel the essence of their lives as they did this work. I think about their origins; did they come from elsewhere in our Universe? Where did they get their knowledge to build this circle? But there are other places in this country and in others, where my feelings of being connected to the Earth are much stronger and much more profound.

The photo on the front of my book shows a path through woodland leading to a very special place to several dolmens, a very sacred space and the feeling of connection is very strong to me right there.

Much of the poetry in my book is connected with the land, our Earth, and the ancestors.

Here is the photo:

Here are a couple of lines from one of the poems:

‘My feet grew roots into the earth

As I stood there on the cliff

My heart expanded and filled with love

As I became one with the land.’

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