What druidry means to me

I am often asked about druidry and what it is. For me it is a way of establishing my connection with nature, of strengthening that connection and understanding how everything is connected.

So there is a connection with Mother Earth, the Moon, the Stars, the four elements; Earth, Fire, Water and Air; the seasons, animals,stones and plants.

This is a living system and so is my druidry, evolving and changing as needed.

Here is one of my favourite trees, a 300+ year old beech tree.

2 thoughts on “What druidry means to me

  1. Hello Gladys,
    Its a beautiful tree and I totaly agree with all that you have said.At one woth nature is one of the most important things to have in your life..Im looking forward this year and all that you will show us..
    love Lesley x

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